Mark Cuban tweet

I was browsing the interweb this week and had stumbled upon this very interesting tweet from a multi-billionaire  Mark Cuban:

This had really made me think about what will happen in the future (when robots are mostly in charge of production of goods and not humans.) What will happen to unemployment? Will people just reclass to different jobs or will they be completely unemployable and not beneficial to the society that we are living in. Mr. Cuban had also brought up a very interesting point, that the robots that are producing should be taxed on how much they are making. That is saying that we should be taxing the capital that is producing for us. What do you think about the statement that he had made, and how will this affect our future economy?

One thought on “Mark Cuban tweet”

  1. Taxing robots the same way we tax labor hours raises many questions. My mother, a great-grandmother, has a Roomba vacuum cleaner. It’s a robot. It cruises around the house cleaning the floor, returns to its charger, and then takes off again when powered-up to vacuum some more. It’s a magic floor-cleaning machine, and Mom doesn’t have to wrestle with a clunky vacuum cleaner at the age of 74. Is Mark Cuban saying she should be taxed on what she would otherwise have to pay a cleaning company to do the job for her?

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